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Results-Driven Change & Transformation

We provide immersive online training.
We consult with a spirit of excellence.

Committed to diversity

and excellence.

Ensuring organisations

achieve successful transformation.

With an eye towards the future, we provide ACMP accredited and immersive  training to organisations going through change.  In addition, we excel in providing excellent change and transformation consultancy services across various sectors and industries. 

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Change Management Training

Recognised as a Qualified Education Provider™ by the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP), we offer accredited virtual instructor-led training to Organisations.

Designed for both employees new to change and project management and seasoned professionals, our course is tailored to your projects and provides practical insights, knowledge, tools, and templates on how to deliver change focused on people while managing projects and programmes. Our commitment to excellence in training has earned us the distinction of being rated 5 STAR for interactive online training.

Leverage Generative AI for Change Success

Building on this foundation, our training extends into the digital era, where AI significantly impacts how organisations deliver change. It offers exclusive insights into leveraging leading AI platforms, including generative AI tools, to drive change effectively. Participants will gain a cutting-edge advantage in facilitating transformative processes, learning to maximise the potential of AI in managing organisational change.


Change Management Training. Image of the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP®) logo as the Change Management CML 5Es Course is gained QEP status
Inclusive Change & Transformation Consultancy

In today's dynamic marketplace, embracing change and staying current are essential for thriving. Take control and navigate confidently through the challenges ahead.

We deliver end-to-end consultancy services across four areas:

  • Full Lifecycle IT Management Services: From procurement to Adoption
  • Cultural Change Management Solutions 
  • Next-Generation Workforce Strategies 
  • Operational Design and Blueprinting 

These services are delivered with excellence by our expert team of Certified Change Delivery Professional Consultants from diverse ethnic backgrounds, representing our commitment to fostering an inclusive environments that champions innovation. 

Get Swift Results!

Why should you choose CML to help you deliver transformative change in today's technological landscape?

Choosing CML not only ensures measurable results but also equips your organisation with the knowledge and tools necessary to deliver change, drive transformation, and sustain success in a constantly evolving landscape.

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