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About Change Management Library

We are a people-centred consultancy providing immersive change management training and consulting solutions to healthcare and public sector organisations to build capability, improve ways of working and drive inclusive, and meaningful transformation. 

Our approach focuses on designing and implementing solutions that prioritise people. Learn more

Empowering healthcare providers and public sector organisations

Our healthcare services have a direct positive impact on patient care and outcomes. Our services to public-sector organisations promote inclusivity, diversity and innovation while making change happen. 

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Enterprise Change Management Training

Invest in and Grow Talent from Within

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, driven by continuous technological advancements, organisations must rethink their operations to achieve optimal outcomes for their people and customers. The capacity to lead change is now more critical than ever.

Our Certified Change Delivery Course (CCDP) provides healthcare professionals and individuals with the essential skills to navigate change effectively. This course fosters improved collaboration, dismantles silos, and drives impactful results.

Covering end-to-end change management, tailored to organisations' transformation initiatives, focused on delivering results while navigating through change.

Learn how to engage effectively with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and cultures who are impacted by change.

We adapt our course content to align with your projects and transformation initiatives, ensuring you're prepared to lead any change.

Learn how to leverage GenAI platforms to enhance your change delivery processes.

Cross-collaborate with different teams, departments, or partners. Engage in breakout rooms, quizzes, and competitions to deepen your understanding and practical knowledge.

As a Qualified Education Provider (QEP Program), upon completing your exams, you will become a certified Change Delivery Professional recognized by the Association of Change Management Professionals.

Company employees who've attended our accredited course

Change and Transformation Consulting

At Change Management Library, we are a results-driven consultancy

We have a culturally diverse, forward-thinking, and professionally qualified team of experts in planning and delivery.

The right culture matters for organisations to experience growth, profit, and sustainability. Not just any culture, but a culture that is inclusive, equitable, and diverse. We help leaders and managers transform their culture to become more inclusive. We focus on shaping culture through best practices to create a working environment where every employee brings their best self to work! Learn more. 

As technology advances, more organisations are upping their game by procuring and implementing new technologies, including improving their technical infrastructure and cybersecurity. Our consultants work with organisations throughout the entire project lifecycle, aligning with change management principles to ensure that not only is the right technology implemented, but also that users can swiftly adopt and thrive with the new technology. Learn more.

Just as every organ in the human body needs to work together to function and live, an organisation’s functions must align to meet its overall strategic goals and thrive. Our approach to organisational design and delivery is scientific, ensuring that the design is detailed and implementable. By focusing on precise and practical solutions, we help organisations achieve cohesion and efficiency, enabling them to reach their full potential. Learn more.

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