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CML 5Es™

Change management is the process of managing and implementing organisational changes

Agile Change Management with CML 5Es™

A Framework for Agile Change Management

There’s a lot to consider when improving our delivery of change. The Agile Change Management process, facilitated by the CML 5Es model, is a systemic approach transitioning from one state to another seamlessly. Without a delivery-focused change management approach like CML 5Es, organisations may struggle with successful transitions.

A methodology that gets you results for leading people through change.

Team of professionals in a collaborative workshop practicing Agile Change Management, with one member organizing colorful sticky notes on a whiteboard, symbolising idea generation and task planning.

People and process focused

An infographic showcasing the Agile Change Management process with five interconnected hexagons labeled EXPLORE, ENABLE, EMERGE, ENGAGE, and EMBED, symbolising the dynamic steps of change facilitation.

The CML 5Es™ model simplifies the entire change implementation process, driving delivery and enabling successful results under the principles of Agile Change Management. It is developed from lessons learned and best practices in complex transformation programmes, making it a preferred choice for professionals and certified change practitioners seeking effective change.

Applying The CML 5Es Model to Your Change Initiative

The CML 5Es methodology is not just a step-by-step guide; it’s an Agile Change Management tool that adapts to any project environment, whether agile, hybrid, or waterfall. Additionally incoporate other Change Management models. 

To apply the CML 5Es effectively:

  • Set up CML 5Es as your new agile change management framework.
  • Integrate CML 5Es into your existing change management framework.mode

CML 5Es for delivering change and getting results


Understanding the environment to strategise


Assessing impacts to plan ahead


Connecting and convincing people impacted


Assessing readiness to transition


Learning lessons to stay on top

The CML 5Es will address the impact of change on employees, how to effectively manage the transition, and how to ensure the change is adopted and sustained. It provides a methodology for understanding the different stages of the change process, and how to identify and address potential challenges. 

By utilizing the CML 5Es, organisations can ensure that changes are implemented and accepted more quickly and that their employees remain engaged and productive throughout the process.

Learn more about the change management tools you can apply during each phase

Applying the CML 5Es methodology to your change initiative

The CML 5Es is a  simple step-by-step methodology that allows you and your team to deliver change in an agilehybrid or waterfall project environment. 

But first and foremost, you’ll need to know how to apply the CML 5Es to your existing change management framework or set up CML 5Es as your new change management framework and methodology. 

You’ll be able to strengthen your change management tools and strategies with a combination of applying other common change management models like Prosci ADKARChange Curve, and Bridges’ stages of transition to the CML 5Es.

Here are tips to follow if you: 

“ The Change Management CML 5Es offers a very practical, easy to understand and implement approach to change management ”

Alicja S
Project Management Consultant 
(Self-employed contractor)

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