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Inclusive Mindset

is sweet like honey, with lots of benefits...

Who we are

At CML we excel in delivering excellent Change & Transformation Services. Our speciality?


As a recognised Qualified Education Provider  we offer an accredited ACMP change management course  that is immersive and tailored to organisations undergoing transformations. Whether it’s IT changes, restructuring, adopting new ways of working, or more, we’re here to build strength, capability and ensure your change journey is successful.


We’re proud to offer change & transformation consultancy services that are not only focused on achieving tangible results but also deeply committed to promoting social mobility. In addition, these services are designed for both private and public sector organisations. Our dedication extends beyond project outcomes to how we compose our team. 

We consciously include professionals from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. This demonstrates our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that champions social mobility.

Our approach enhances our consultancy’s capability to provide your organisation with a broad spectrum of perspectives and expertise. Ensuring the solutions we offer not only drive tangible results but also foster a culture of innovation and inclusivity. Therefore, by integrating our diverse strengths into the strategies we develop, we aim to support your organisation in achieving sustained growth. Also enhanced adaptability, and a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market.

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Social Mobility in Change

Our commitment to social mobility goes beyond traditional definitions. We recognise that social mobility is not merely about opening doors for the inexperienced but about acknowledging and valuing the journeys of those who have had to navigate a more challenging path to professional excellence due to their socio-economic or ethnic backgrounds.

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Our Story


Change Management Library (CML), founded by Marybeth Olafioye, a Change & Transformation Consultant, focuses on ensuring organisations have both the capability and drivers for leading change in a world that is technologically evolving. 

Our Inspiration. 

Marybeth Olafioye launched CML after identifying a trend in the gap for resources needed to deliver change management alongside project and programmes. Recognising the need for upskilling employees to become Change Delivery Professionals with a delivery mindset, she developed the Certified Change Delivery Professional course.

What really matters. 

Marybeth was motivated by the  lack of diversity in leadership within the corporate sector. She observed a critical shortage of racially diverse leaders influencing transformation and making decisions. This observation led her to establish CML with a vision to foster a more inclusive change and transformation field. A field where diverse perspectives enhance decision-making and business outcomes. But most importantly, drive change forward.

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