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Great Minds Think Alike

Diversity in ethical backgrounds and thoughts leads to
better outcomes…

Board of Non-Executive Directors

The Change Management Library’s Board of Non-Executive Directors plays a critical role in steering our organisation towards a prosperous future. Tasked with overseeing our most important strategic decisions, the Board ratifies our annual objectives, which encompass the strategic plan, budget, and overarching policy frameworks.

Each member is selected for their distinct expertise and steadfast commitment to advancing change management and transformation practices, aiding CML’s pursuit of growth. Furthermore, the Board is instrumental in the selection of our top leadership, ensuring our organisation is guided by individuals who personify our dedication to change and innovation.

Our Board of Non-Executive Directors transcends the traditional governance role, uniting as a collective of visionaries. They merge their diverse experiences and backgrounds to create an environment where various perspectives are not just welcomed but are essential in driving superior outcomes. They stand as the guardians of our future, navigating change with wisdom and foresight.

With the Board’s varied expertise at our disposal, the Change Management Library will remain competitive, actively shaping the future of change and transformation professionals with the tools necessary to excel in an ever-transforming world.

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