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Change & Project Management

two separate disciplines that must work together to
ensure successful project delivery


Change & Project Management

Change management and project management are intrinsically linked, crucial for the successful completion of any project. They are two distinct disciplines, yet when combined, they form a robust approach to ensuring successful project delivery.

Change Management

Change management focuses on the human aspect of change,
This involves supporting individuals and teams in adapting to project-related changes.

Project Management

Conversely, project management concentrates on the tasks and processes
to complete the project efficiently, within the agreed time and budget.

Furthermore, by working collaboratively, Change Managers and Project Managers can guarantee that the project’s resultant changes are both successful and enduring. The CML 5Es model is instrumental in this regard. It aligns with Agile Change Management principles and ensures a seamless change journey, from ‘Explore’ to ‘Embed’.

Applying the CML 5Es to achieve effective Change & Project management

The image you've uploaded is a diagram of a project management or change management lifecycle, utilizing a structure known as the "5Es Model". It appears to consist of various stages or phases connected in a cyclical flow, each represented by a hexagon. These phases include: Scope Explore Plan Enable Test Emerge Deploy Embed Develop Engage This model likely represents a process flow for planning, implementing, and embedding changes within an organization or project, with each stage feeding into the next to form a continuous improvement loop. The use of such models helps in systematic planning, execution, and review of changes or projects.
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CML 5Es and Project Management: A Unified Approach

Incorporating the CML 5Es within project management environments has shown significant success. It empowers change professionals to closely collaborate with project specialists, ensuring the achievement of successful project outputs, outcomes, and benefits.

Projects and Change: A Combined Vehicle for Success

It’s been observed that projects delivered without integrating change management and project management practices tend to falter. This failure is often attributed to the absence of disciplined management of the people affected by the change and the delivery of robust solutions to facilitate change.

“Projects are the vehicles by which change is accomplished.” – Ken Blanchard

Project managers in a hybrid role

Man sitting in his wheelchair and working on his laptop in a project management environment

Becoming an effective Change & Project management expert

A project manager can excel in delivering change management by ensuring the availability of resources to support changes. This includes maintaining informed stakeholders, providing adequate training, and managing resistance effectively.

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Establish Clear Lines of Communication

Both the project manager and change manager should have a clear understanding of how they will communicate with each other throughout the project. This could include regular mettings, emails or group chats.


Develop a Joint Plan

It is important for the project manager and change manager to develop a unified strategy for managing the project. This includes setting goals, timelines, and roles and responsibilities for each team member.


Share Resources

To ensure that the project is successful, the project manager and change manager should share resources, such as data, reports, and analysis. This will help them stay on the same page and make better decisions.


Encourage Collaboration

Both should work together to identify areas of improvement and develop solutions. They should also encourage their teams to collaborate to bring out the best in each other.


Foster Trust and Respect

They should maintain a trusting and respectful relationship. This will ensure that they are able to work together effectively and efficiently.

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