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Who We Are

At Change Management Library (CML), we provide people-centred change management solutions in training and consulting, dedicated to driving inclusive and meaningful transformations within healthcare and public sector organisations. 

Our mission is to equip these organisations and individuals with the change management capabilities needed to enhance collaboration, improve services, and foster inclusive environments. As well as achieve successful complex transformation agendas. 

Our Change Management Solutions:

CCDP Training: 

  • Healthcare Sector: We focus on healthcare to directly impact care and outcomes. Our change management CCDP training solutions help healthcare providers collaborate and integrate effectively, ensuring better care for all.

  • Professionals: We train professionals on how to drive changes with a delivery-focused mindset in their organisation. 


  • We focus our consulting efforts, on public sector government departments and healthcare organisations by offering excellent change and transformation services, while encouraging more inclusive environments.


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Achieving Successful Transformation through Social Mobility

Our commitment to social mobility goes beyond traditional definitions.

The image features a confident and smiling woman with short hair, wearing a light-colored blazer over a white top. She is standing with her arms crossed, exuding professionalism and approachability. The background is minimal, focusing attention on the woman. She is positioned next to a glass wall or window, adding a modern and clean aesthetic to the photo.
The image shows four smiling children standing close together in what appears to be a cozy indoor setting. From left to right, the first child is wearing a white and navy blue striped sweater, the second child is in a yellow and white striped shirt, the third child is wearing a checkered vest with a red collar, and the fourth child is in a dark jacket over a checkered shirt. All four children are smiling and looking at the camera, conveying a sense of happiness and camaraderie. The background is somewhat dim, focusing the attention on the children's joyful expressions.

Founder's Story

Marybeth Olafioye’s Journey and Dedication to Healthcare Improvement and Inclusion in Government Transformation.

Marybeth Olafioye was born in the UK and grew up in Southeast
London’s East Street Market, the youngest of her siblings. Her parents, who immigrated from Idanre, Nigeria, in the early 1970s, instilled in her a strong work ethic and resilience. Her mother progressed from being a cleaner to a nurse, while her father worked as a mechanic.
Initially pursuing fashion design, Marybeth’s path shifted after becoming a mother at 18. She eventually graduated from Plymouth University with a first-class degree and obtained a Change Management Practitioner certification. Her career began in retail, followed by an internship at Aspyre, and later self-employment. She secured a role at TFL as a Project Change Manager, advancing to change roles primarily in government departments. In these roles, she often faced exclusion and microaggressions, being the only Black person in the room.
The loss of her mother in November 2022, due to challenges in NHS care and communication, motivated Marybeth to focus on improving healthcare services. As a caregiver for her father, who has multiple health conditions, she regularly encounters fragmented care and communication gaps in the healthcare system. Marybeth chose to leverage her expertise as a change and transformation consultant to align with Integrated Care Systems (ICS). Her mission is to drive meaningful change by improving population health, addressing inequalities, enhancing productivity, and supporting social and economic development. She aims to foster better collaboration among healthcare services to prevent further loss of lives due to poor integration and to ensure better outcomes, particularly for marginalised communities. In addition, provide public sector organisations including central government departments excellent change management solutions  while bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to the forefront of leadership and decision-making.

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