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Welcome to CML’s Recruitment Process

Joining CML Community

At CML, our commitment to excellence and transformative change is driven by our core values of Passion, People, Inclusion, Results-Oriented, and Innovation. As you embark on your journey to potentially join our team, it’s important to understand how these values shape our unique recruitment process.

Recruitment Process Overview

Step 1: Online Scenario-Based Assessment

Step 2: Interview

Our Core Values


We drive every initiative with enthusiasm and commitment >


We deeply value and invest in our team's growth and well-being >


Embracing racial diversity >

Results - Oriented

As well as tangible outputs >


We continually push boundaries to find creative solutions >

About the Scenario-Based Assessment

The online test at CML is specifically designed to evaluate your fit with our core values: Passion, People, Inclusion, Results-Oriented, and Innovation, through realistic workplace scenarios. This assessment not only gauges your technical ability and decision-making skills but is also vital in determining your cultural fit within our organisation.

At CML, we value individuals who resonate deeply with our culture, enhancing our workplace and contributing to our collective mission. Your responses will help us discern your potential to integrate with and enrich our diverse team, ensuring we select candidates who are both skilled and a perfect match for CML’s dynamic and inclusive environment. 

Please note: The test is strictly timed to 20 minutes, encouraging thoughtful responses.

Agreement to Terms and Conditions

By proceeding with this test, you agree to the terms and conditions of CML’s recruitment process. Your participation indicates your consent to our use of your responses and personal data for recruitment purposes, in accordance with our privacy policy and data protection regulations. Additionally, you acknowledge that not passing this initial assessment disqualifies you from moving forward to the interview stage of the recruitment process. This step ensures that only candidates who truly align with CML’s core values and culture continue through our selection process.

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