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Helping organisations to deliver results


At Change Management Library, a delivery-focused mindset is at the heart of our services. Our team specialises in facilitating impactful change and transformation, focusing on the most critical asset of any organisation: its people. Using our unique CML 5Es model, we ensure that change is not only implemented but also wholeheartedly embraced, with diversity and inclusion at its core.

The image features a sequence of five hexagons interconnected by arrows in a clockwise circular pattern. Starting from the left and moving clockwise, the first and fourth hexagons are filled with a solid orange color. The second, third, and fifth hexagons are outlined in orange with a white fill. Each hexagon contains an uppercase word associated with a step in a process: The first hexagon contains the word "EXPLORE." The second hexagon, which is connected to the first by a curved arrow, contains the word "ENGAGE." Connected to the second by another curved arrow, the third hexagon contains the word "ENABLE." The fourth hexagon, following the third with a curved arrow, contains the word "EMERGE." Finally, a curved arrow leads to the fifth hexagon from the fourth, which contains the word "EMBED." The curved arrows between the hexagons suggest a flow or progression from one concept to the next, indicating a cyclical process or methodology. This is apart of out Change Management Diverse Delivery to organisations.

Our Five Core Values

Plain white pentagon with a dark blue border and the number one in the middle.

Passion : We drive every initiative with enthusiasm and commitment, fuelling our mission to deliver transformative change with impact.

Plain white pentagon with a dark blue border and the number two in the middle.

People : We deeply value and invest in our team's growth and well-being, recognising that our strength lies in our collective talent, who share similar social mobility experiences.

Plain white pentagon with a dark blue border and the number three in the middle.

Inclusion: Embracing diversity in all its forms, fostering an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

Plain white pentagon with a dark blue border and the number four in the middle.

Results-Oriented: As well as tangible outputs, we focus on impactful outcomes, ensuring every project not only meets but exceeds our clients' expectations.

Innovation : We continually push boundaries to find creative solutions, keeping us adaptable and ahead in a constantly evolving landscape.

Our Services

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