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Diversity & Inclusion in Change

Inclusive change matters

Integrating Change with your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Focused on race – we’ll refine your workplace with inclusive change management & leadership practices.


I remember being present in a meeting room and having to listen to a leadership forum where major decisions were taking place that would affect the whole of the UK. There was a central table that was reserved for the leadership team to make life-changing decisions. I sat at the back by the wall and listened intently with anxiety, thoughts, concerns, and ideas flooding through my brain, unable to overcome the fear of speaking up as everyone who was not a part of the central table usually kept silent. Decisions were reached and the meeting closed, yet another session without the voices and contributions of diverse people. It is time to change and think diversity and inclusion first!



Maribeth Olafioye, Founder & CEO at
Change Management Library

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The Scorecard Report  – RACE AT WORK 2021 – McGregor-Smith Review Four Years On has proven that successful change depends on the ability to harness diverse voices and ensure ethnic minority people are represented in organisations and especially in decision-making roles.

Diversity & Inclusion in change

Diversity & Inclusion is what matters!
Become a truly inclusive workplace

At Change Management Library, we don’t help organisations to look better but be better by unlocking talent and creating an environment for people to bring their best selves to work.

45% of Black, Asian, Mixed Race and other ethnically diverse employees, in comparison 31% of their white counterparts feel that they must leave their current organisation to progress in their career.

How we help you make change inclusive?

A growing mountain of research over the last decade has shown just how powerful investing in internal change management can promote better business outcomes. And the same is true of investing in the diversity and inclusivity of a workplace. 

At Change Management Library, we help organisations to develop both their change leadership and D&I processes simultaneously.

We do this by supporting organisations to build an internal network of change leaders from ethnic backgrounds. Our approach to change management enables better preparedness for tomorrow’s challenges, whilst reaping the benefits of bringing diversity and inclusion to the forefront of change and transformational decision-making processes.

of Change Delivery Professionals supporting leaders alongside their day-to-day role and helping leaders along the change journey, creating a truly inclusive workplace



to join an internal CML Network within the organisation to support leadership with change & transformation initiatives



through coaching and providing an  accredited comprehensive Change Management training programme



Benefits of integrating change with your diversity &
inclusion strategy

Benefits of integrating change with your diversity &
inclusion strategy

Save Costs

Implementing change doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavour requiring external expertise each time you do it.

Skilled Workforce

employees from ethnic backgrounds trained and adept at supporting the implementation of new ways of working can support the profitability of all future initiatives

Improved Retention Rate

employees from ethnic backgrounds feel more valued, listened to and that they belong in the workplace

What’s more, the change network you develop can help to amplify different voices within your organisation too.

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