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Change Management Office

Centre of Excellence

Change Management Office - Centre of Excellence

A Change Management Office helps organisations implement change successfully. We understand that change is inevitable, and when it is managed correctly, it can bring about positive results for your organisation.

Our experienced consultants are here to help you create or upgrade your change management office that will enable your organisation to successfully manage change and the associated risks.

Team of professional consultants working together to create a Change Management Office

Our approach...

We apply the CML 5Es a simple step-by-step and delivery focused change methodology that allows you and your team to deliver change in an agilehybrid or waterfall project environment.

The CML 5Es provides a robust change management framework that will guarantee success while simultaneously taking people along the journey and adopting best delivery practices to make change happen. Our team of consultants can create you a suite of high-quality tools and templates or strengthen your existing products to achieve greater results.

CML 5Es is a Change Management Model used to help set up the Change Management Office. The framework consists of 5 stages, Explore, Enable, Engage, Emerge and Embed

Aligning Change to the Project Management Office

We understand the importance of aligning change with an organisation’s project management office processes and lifecycle.

Our CML Consultants will work with you to develop a plan to ensure that your change centre of excellence is properly integrated into the organisation’s project management office.

We can also provide ongoing support to measure the performance and results of implementing the change management office and make necessary adjustments along the way.

CML 5Es Methodology aligned to a project management lifecycle. This used as part of designing the Change Management Office

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