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About Us

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CEO & Founder of CML, Maribeth Olafioye is looking at the camera with a bright smile, posing with her hands folded .

Our Story

Change Management Library was founded in 2022 by Change Nerd; Maribeth Olafioye. We are a growing team of passionate Change management trainers focused on creating an awareness about the pivotal role of change management in today’s world of shifting demands. 

Change Management Library began after Maribeth experienced the lack of resources easily accessible to support people pursuing a career in change.  After becoming a Change Practitioner, Maribeth also recognised the gap and need for a more robust delivery focused way of change management alongside project management.

Who We Are

Change Management Library offers specialised training and resources in Change Management for individuals and organisations.

Our goal is to empower, educate and establish Change Professionals and Advocates, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to drive effective change. Our services include expert-led training programs and resources all designed to equip change leaders for a better tomorrow.

Why Choose Change Management Library?

Change Management Library is focused on getting you the results you desire and ensuring your change is successful. For organisations going through change, we help to drive successful change while using simple and pragmatic methodologies.

When you train with us, you train with passionate doers of experienced Change & Transformation Consultants and Change management trainers, backed with over 10years of industry experience. We’re committed to making change happen.

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Meet the Friendly Team

Head shot of women who is one of Change Management Library's Change management trainers. She has long dark brown hair and is smiling at the camera.

Aiesha Feldwick

Senior Change & Transformation Consultant & CML 5Es Trainer

Maribeth Olafioye

Founder of Change Management Library, Change & Transformation Consultant & CML 5Es Trainer

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