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CML’s recommendations to Leaders on what to leave, keep and grow into for 2023 

Organisational Design Workshop session

We’re now in a new year! Have your leadership teams reflected on how you can best learn the lessons from the past and thrive this year? Keep reading to find out CML’s top picks for what to leave in 2022, and how you can evolve and grow in 2023.  


Diversity&Inclusion (D&I) pledges, unrealistic commitments and underfunded inclusion initiatives  

  • Gone are the knee-jerk reactions to answer issues of inclusion in organisations. From our experience, creating networks and making pledges hasn’t done enough to empower your minority staff to feel safe, and bring their authentic experiences into the workplace  
  • The consequence? A fast-moving world where innovation in many industries remains stagnant due to a lack of inclusivity.  


Implementing lessons learnt from change and transformation programmes  

  • We’ve seen more organisations taking stock of really spending time upfront to learn the lessons of past change initiatives which has been great to see  
  • Whether it’s implementing the lessons of a life post-COVID or recognising the importance of disciplines such as Change Management to take transformation to the next level, we’re seeing a rise in trying to do change differently  


It’s time to focus on the workforce holistically, particularly during these periods of intense change. This looks like this:  

  • Invest in the right initiatives to ensure your inclusion efforts are delivering a return on investment. Branding and logos can only get you so far, how are you  demonstrating an Inclusive commitment to your staff and audiences?  
  • Empowering your D&I networks as agents of change – recognise their ability to spot risks and manage change impacts  

 At CML, we’re excited to see organisations tackle challenges – both old and new – in 2023. We’re even more excited to help you grow into being change-driven, inclusive organisations where development is second nature. If you’re keen to get in touch and discuss how we can help you unlock your full potential in 2023, schedule a virtual meeting with us today.  

 The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic” – Peter Drucker  

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