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Dear Project Managers… an open letter from your Change counterparts!  

Project management and change management often find themselves at war with one another. This article looks to explore some of the common pitfalls these two important delivery roles find themselves in and how we can collaborate for better results

Dear Project Managers…

You are one unsung hero of change delivery! We recognise the important role you play and more than that, we recognise that often the change management has fallen onto your shoulders on programmes where we don’t exist!  For too long, the project manager has not only had to ensure all the technical aspects of change happen, but also that the culture of the impacted stakeholders is ready for it. That’s too much to take on, so let us help you!

We know, we don’t exist on every project. So setting expectations is key. Particularly if you haven’t worked with a change manager before – get to know us and our skill sets! Yes, you’ve likely put together training plans, communications guidance and impact assessments before. However change management resource allows you to focus on the technical delivery and means that we can actively test the change initiatives to ensure the organisation is as prepared as possible.

What’s better than one plan? NOTHING. Where possible, combining our project and change plans (and communications plan!) will allow a much better overview of what is happening and when. Transparency in delivery team communications is important in ensuring success so, if possible, let’s bring all the plans together!

Let us grow together. We know you have many key skills required to deliver change, and we’re eager to learn how we can be better collaborators with you! Likewise, empower us to take care of change activity and maybe we can inspire you to learn more about how and why we do things.

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