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Integrating Change in your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Two diverse professional women sitting on the chair having a conversation.

It is that time for organisations to change for the better.

What do we mean?

Organisations should integrate change in their diversity and inclusion efforts towards race because it is essential to creating an equitable and inclusive workplace. Race is an important factor in determining how people are treated and it’s essential that organisations actively work towards creating an environment that is respectful and welcoming to all.

Organisations need to recognise that simply having a diverse workforce isn’t enough to create an inclusive workplace. Employees of colour often face micro aggressions and racism, and these issues need to be addressed to ensure everyone is being treated with respect and fairness. Organisations should also strive to create an environment that celebrates and embraces different cultures and backgrounds.

Yes, this could involve implementing cultural competency training or offering cultural sensitivity training to employees. But actively recruiting from diverse backgrounds and creating opportunities for employees of colour to progress in their careers is a win.

How can organisations actively work towards progressing employees of colour and save costs?

Organisations should strive towards integrating change in their diversity and inclusion efforts towards race because it is essential to create an inclusive and equitable workplace. A growing mountain of research over the last decade has shown just how powerful investing in internal change management can promote better business outcomes. And the same is true of investing in the diversity and inclusivity of a workplace.

At Change Management Library, we help organisations to develop both their change leadership and diversity and inclusion processes simultaneously.

We do this by supporting organisations to build an internal network of change leaders from ethnic backgrounds. Our approach to change management enables better preparedness for tomorrow’s challenges while reaping the benefits of bringing diversity and inclusion to the forefront of change and transformational decision-making processes.

Find out more about how we can help you unlock talent and bring your organisation a reputation of real success!

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