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Exam Instructions

Exam Instruction

Exam Structure

The exam format is as follows

  • Multiple choice
  • Some questions will indicate more than one correct answer
  • 40 questions per exam
  • 20 marks are required to pass (out of 40 questions) 50%
  • 30 minutes duration

Working through the exam

Your progress and time elapsed are displayed in a progress chart at the top of the screen.

You may answer the questions in any order using various methods.

  • By clicking the Next button, you will be taken to the next question
  • Please answer all questions
  • You will need to answer all the questions to be able to complete the exam

Completing the exam

Once you have completed the exam and answered all the questions, click the Finish Quiz button.

Next Steps:

  1. Select the I have read the instructions button below
  2. A Start Exam button will appear
  3. Please ensure you have good Wi-Fi connection before starting your exam
  4. The exam clock starts, and the first question will be displayed.

Have you read the instructions?

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