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Is Modern ChatGPT Too Human?

Close-up view of a computer monitor displaying text about ChatGPT, a conversational model developed by OpenAI. The screen is partially illuminated by vibrant pink and green light reflecting off a nearby keyboard. The focus is on the text 'ChatGPT' on the monitor, with the background and keyboard slightly blurred

Today, AI is one of the most popular, fastest-growing, and most successful techs globally. From giant corporations to small enterprises, AI is now being used by virtually all establishments worldwide.

Recently, a special type of AI that generates various types of content like text, audio, and images, referred to as generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) has tremendously transformed innumerable industries, including consulting. The market is flooded with countless tools powered by this technology that not only enhance consultation processes but also increase convenience to customers. 

So, what’s the role of AI in consulting business? What do consulting firms think about AI? This blog post dives into the most crucial benefits that consulting businesses harness from this revolutionary technology, along with the impact of disruptive ChatGPT technology on customer service.

Why is ChatGPT the most Gen AI Disruptive tool? 

ChatGPT is swiftly taking the tech space by storm. Lately, the chatbot’s chief developer, OpenAI dropped a bombshell by announcing a fundamental upgrade to ChatGPT. This recent enhancement focuses on long-term memory, which is something absolutely new for generative AI. This implies that, like humans, ChatGPT can recall previous conversations and leverage the information in future chats to assist or challenge users. Clearly, this is not only a great innovation but a huge milestone for AI-powered chatbots. 

The advanced memory feature enables ChatGPT to remember what you discussed before, making conversation more natural and engaging. Besides, it saves you time as you don’t need to keep repeating yourself. For instance, it can recall your previous inquiries, account information, or even your preferences like favorite food, color, car, etc. to offer flawless conversation. Suppose calling your ISP and AI-enabled assistant recalls the troubleshooting procedure you followed previously, saving you the nuisance of repeating it. Nonetheless, the benefits transcend just convenience: this new feature enables ChatGPT to be leveraged in more sophisticated applications. In medicine, for instance, ChatGPT could recall patients’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII), medical history, test information, and medications, assisting medical practitioners with diagnosis and therapeutic plans. 

How does CML benefit from ChatGPT Adoption?

Our Change & Transformation Consultancy, CML is devoted to blending modern digital solutions with customer service.

Integrating AI into our custom agile practices has immensely transformed service delivery by bringing together machine, technology efficiency, and human-like experience. With ChatGPT handling repetitive, time-consuming tasks, our staff can commit their expertise to other strategic, problem-solving, and decision-making roles to deliver impactful solutions to our customers. To CML, modern AI solutions aren’t just about automating monotonous tasks, but also understanding our customers’ feelings, context, humor, and most importantly, recalling your last conversation(s).
We use AI to analyse vast amounts of data, to generate valuable insights that guide us in making informed decisions. Our data-driven approaches guarantee the delivery of objective-based consulting services, to bolster confidence and trust among our clients in the recommendations we provide. 
There’s absolutely no downplaying the tremendous potential of Gen AI to solve vast, sophisticated problems faced by consulting firms. These tools enhance pace, precision, and decision-making ability ,  leading to a more efficacious, and trustworthy business. 

At CML, we have reaped abundantly from the integration of ChatGPT with our existing processes, including project management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and communication systems to create a smooth, human-like experience. As a  consulting company who strives for excellence, we leverage this AI technology to thrive in various niches, including:

  • Research and data analysis: CML conducts regular research on different topics/subjects, including competitor strategies, best-industry practices, market trends, customer behaviours, etc. Our consultants use ChatGPT to assemble relevant and reliable data from multiple sources.
  • Compiling Reports and Presentations: Our  consultants and coaches use AI to generate high-quality content needed to write reports and presentations to communicate their discernments, findings, and recommendations to our customers.
  • Writing Emails and Other Communications: Our communication agents use ChatGPT to compose appropriate, respectful, and polite emails and send them to our clients. 
  • Graphic Art and Visualisation: CML consultants use ChatGPT to devise graphic art or visualise concepts, models, frameworks, processes, or scenarios to perform demonstrations to our clients.
  • Enhancement and optimisation of content: ChatGPT leverages its natural language comprehension and generation capacities to produce helpful suggestions on ways to enhance and optimise consulting content. Our consultants use this Gen AI tool to find suggestions on how to enhance and optimize content.
  • Generate and innovate content: CML consultants leverage the creative and generative power of ChatGPT to generate and innovate new content like codes, essays, tales, etc. 
  • Answer Question: Our consultants use ChatGPT to respond to inquiries and provide assistance based on their understanding and the information provided. 

Our team of professionals comply with ethical guidelines to address probable biases and other unintended consequences associated with AI algorithms. We prioritise civility, impartiality, and the preservation of people’s rights throughout our deployment and adoption of AI-based digital solutions. 





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